How to Recover Deleted Data From USB Drive? – Know Here

A USB Drive is a small portable device used to store and transfer data (it can be videos, documents, images, audios, etc.) that connects to the computer by a USB port. Data can be deleted from a USB drive either in a temporary way or permanently. And to recover deleted data from USB drive different methods can be used.

You are quite familiar with the USB drive corruption and want to know how to perform USB Drive Data Recovery. So, some of the methods are shown below.

Recover Deleted Data from USB Drive Without Software

You can recover deleted files by restoring the previous version. This method is used when data is not deleted permanently. It can perform in different ways, here is the simplest way to retrieve deleted data from USB drive

  • Attach your USB drive to the computer.
  • Now, go to “This PC”.
  • USB flash drive option will be there, right-click on this and go to properties.
  • In the menu tab, click on the “Previous version” and check the available recovery options.
  • Choose the specified previous version which you want and click on the Restore.

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Retrieve Deleted Files from  USB Drive Using cmd :-

This is the easiest and effectual way to recover deleted data from USB drive using Command Prompt i.e., cmd is a Microsoft Windows Command used to execute entered command.
To use cmd for recovering data from a USB drive you need to follow the below steps-

  1. Firstly, connect your USB drive to your system.
  2. Press the ‘window + R’ button and type ‘cmd’ and press ENTER.
  3. A black window will open on your screen that will be the command prompt window, type “chkdsk A:/f” on the cmd .(Here, A is the name given to the USB drive on your system)
  4. Press ENTER, now your USB drive will start scanning.
  5. As your USB drive is scanned, type “ATTRIB –H –R –S /S /D A:*.*” and press ENTER.

This process will take time as a whole drive will be scanned, wait until the process completes. Your whole data will recover once the entire process will successfully be executed.

In case, if your data cannot be recovered manually then you can switch to automated solution as a third-party tool. Above methods are inconvenient for permanently or formatted data.
To retrieve your permanently deleted files try expert solution which is shown below.

Recover Deleted Data from USB Drive Using Automated Solution

This tool is a robust and safe solution to recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. This tool can also restore the formatted data and supports recovery from NTFS, exFAT and FAT format USB drives.

To know more about what this tool does, below some points are provided to analyze the features of SysTools USB drive recovery.

  •  This tool Recover and Restore data like videos, audios, images, documents, etc. from USB drive.
  •  Storing devices like USB drive, memory card or flash drive can recover.
  •  Can restore data either using a formatted scan or by normal scan.
  •  USB drives can be of any size and support different brands.
  •  The Refresh button is provided to view newly attach files.
  •  You can save either complete file or selected files after the recovery of your data.
  • Once, your permanently deleted files are recovered, that will highlight with red color.
  •  You can install this software on any version of Windows OS.

Steps to Perform USB Data Recovery

  • Firstly, download the SysTools USB drive recovery software on your system and run the software.

Download USB Data Recovery

  • Connect your USB drive/flash drive on your system.Then,Select the device from the list.retrieve deleted data from USB drive
  • Two options will appear, click either on the scan or formatted scan.Recover Deleted Data From USB Drive
  • Preview the recovered deleted data from USB drive.restore deleted data from flash drive
  • Click on the “SAVE” button to restore the deleted files at any location.Recover Deleted Data From USB Drive

Using these basic steps, you can easily recover your data and it’s safe and easy to use.


Hope you have understood the methods to recover deleted data from a flash drive by using manual methods or by an automated tool. But manual methods have some limitations and difficult for non-technical users to use, so try the automated tool to retrieve deleted files from a USB drive.

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