How to download YouTube videos on Android?

Have you ever thought about downloading a YouTube video to save it on your mobile and save you bandwidth when you want to play it again? YouTube is the leading video platform that you can find on the Internet, where millions of hours of video are added every week.

That’s why it’s not strange that many people want to download YouTube videos with music or maybe with the latest creation of your favorite YouTuber. The good thing is that there are several ways to get this more comfortable.

You can choose between downloading the videos using an application or directly from the browser, although the latter possibility will vary depending on the browser you are using.

How to download YouTube videos on Android using an application?


This is one of the most modern applications you can find. Not only is it useful for downloading YouTube videos on Android, but it will also help download videos from other platforms such as Vimeo, including social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

The same application allows you to manage the downloads of videos that you have made on your device so that you can view the videos directly from the app.

Another exciting bonus to keep in mind is that it allows you to download only the audio of any video so that the file takes up less space.


This is one of the most popular tools on the Internet with more than 20 million users. The design of the application interface is minimalist, with which you know that it consumes fewer device resources than other similar apps.

Videoder allows you to download both YouTube video and only the audio of the videos.

As exciting extras, Videoder allows you to download complete playlists, so you don’t have to download videos one by one. It also removes advertising from your application.


This application includes a YouTube browser so you can search and play videos in the same way you do with the official YouTube application.

The exciting thing about this application is that it includes a history of videos viewed, so it is straightforward to go back to download those that you liked most easily.

It also has support for 2k and 4k videos as long as you have enough space to download the files.

The above techniques are that how can you download youtube videos without any applications and now I’m going to show you how to download videos without any use.

How to download YouTube videos on Android without using applications?

An option to download videos from YouTube without using forms is to take advantage of the service of some website.

Some sites that allow you to download videos are:

  • (accepts downloads in mp3 format)

Visit one of the above sites.

Then copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download in the box that appears in the browser window and click on the corresponding download button.

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