How digital moms can beat the digital parenting challenges

Over the years since the technology in terms of cell phones and the internet has evolved the generation of digital moms has come up. Digital moms are well-informed tech-savvy, highly connected and concerned from head to toe.

Today, moms are constantly connected to the cyber world and they are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the world online that they can access through cell phone sitting in the home whatever the place it could be.

The tendencies of active communication and interaction using mobile phones and social media have created so much ease for digital moms. However, on the other side, you may have seen digital moms worried especially when it comes to their children. Youngsters are second to none when it comes to the digital world.

Therefore, moms, these days have to look after children in real –life and as well as at the cyber world that is too private then the real –life. So, being digital moms they are fully aware of the fact that the cyber world is too dangerous for their kids. Let’s get to know about digital parenting challenges and how they can beat it.

Digital Parenting challenges for digital moms

We have accumulated a few parental challenges for digital moms that they have to deal with whatsoever. However, moms these days are working ladies too, so they have to do multiple jobs in order to protect teens from the cyber dangers and digital parenting as a whole is a very serious challenge for digital moms. Let’s discuss the first challenges that moms are facing in terms of parenting online.

Excessive screen time of teens

Teens these days cannot live without their mobile phone devices and they ask parents to buy them their individual cell phone. Once they have got their first cell phone device problem get started for digital moms they have to have a hidden eye on their digital devices. Young kids and teens do text messages, make phone calls, use social media apps, shared media files and all these activities are quite challenging for digital moms to keep an eye on.

Teens need to protect cyber dangers

When teens become obsessed with the digital world and don’t bother to set privacy on their social media accounts cyber predators can approach them. Stalkers, bullies online and sexual predators are everywhere in the digital world. Therefore, digital moms are very concerned about the protection of teens online. So, protection of teens from online predators is one of the toughest job being digital moms.

Social media obsession of teens

Teens these days are harboring sexual fantasies on their cell phones, get involved in social media dangerous trends, do activities on social media that falls under shaming online and use social media apps to interact with the strangers. Capturing selfies images and share it on the social world without putting their profiles on custom mode could be very dangerous for teens. So, digital moms have to guide teens to protect themselves from embarrassment.

Teens are not aware of civility online

Most of the teens encounter with the bullies online and start chatting with them or answer their filthy creepy things. So, digital moms have to teach their kids and teens when civility online is a duty and when it could be a trap for them.

Teens online dating

Uncommitted sexual activities of teens are on the rise. Teens get started dating online using social media apps or use typical dating apps like Tinder. So, digital moms have to teach teens when they will be able to date a person and when they should not be. Digital moms have to address teens the vulnerabilities that could hit their teens due to online dating. Let’s discuss how digital moms can make sure the online safety of teens and how they can beat all types of digital parenting challenges.

How moms can beat digital parenting challenges?

Digital mommies just need to install a parental control app on teen’s device and they will be able to view all the activities teens have performed on their digital cell phones having internet access. Moms can use cell phone spy app tools and can perform live screen recording of the social media apps, record phone calls, monitor text messages, remotely controller dangerous activities with phone parental monitoring app.


Phone spy app is one of the tools of its kinds that empower digital mommies to beat all types of parental challenges without facing hazels.

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