FramaRoot v1.9.3 APK (Latest) Download For Android

FramaRoot APK: A fully successful application which allow the users to get all the developer permissions which are help full in customization of an Android Device. The FramaRoot easily root your phone to give you all the developer permissions. The rooting is a method to easily get all the features of a basic Android phone and it help you to use all the features of a smartphone.

Once you root your phone that you are able to change all the developer settings on your phone just like the IMEI of your phone. In some time we are unable to locate the network on your phone due to cropted IMEI. At this time the you can easily solve the problem by changing your IMEI and this is only done with the help of Framaroot APK.

Framaroot APK

The FramaRoot is a freeware application allow you to easily root your Android gadgets. In the first version of FramaRoot it just allow the users to simple root your phones. But now in this latest version their are many new features added which help you to get the instant root access.


FramaRoot APK features

  • The FramaRoot hold many features but here in this post we are going to share describe some of the main features.
  • The best feature of this app is that the app contain a little size which is only 1mb and it take a few space on your phone to be installed.
  • Very easy to use and any body can use this application to easily root thier phones without using any PC or a Laptop.
  • Secure and safe rooting method is used during the rooting of your phone.
  • Easily get all your phone information before rooting your phone and you can get best user experience during the use of the app.
  • After root your phone if you are not get the results so you can easily redone it by uprooting your phone.
  • You don`t need any computer or laptop device to root your phone.
  • Provide one screen instruction about the rooting so you don`t have to face any problems.
  • Single tap to root any Android device without damage.

If you are unable to root your device using the Framaroot just reboot your device install the app again and than select the exploit option and than try to root your phone in the simple way. The rooting apps can crash your phone during the rooting process but you don`t have to worry about it because it happens during the rooting process. Than after successfully root your phone every thing will be fine. If you are unable to root your device using the Framaroot so you can check these apps.

Kingroot 4.4.2

BaiduOne Key Root

Points note before rooting your phone

This is very important to take a backup of your phone before rooting your phone. Because in some cause the rooting will damage your phone and you lost all your data which is present on your phone. So for your safety just take a backup of your phone data before rooting. In some causes the rooting apps can reset your phone for the best performance and at that time we can also lost our data. Fully charged your phone so you can`t face any power issues during the rooting. Once you root your phone than your phone warrenty will be void and only you are responsible for any damage.

App Information

App NameFramaRoot APK
Size1.25 MB
Supported OSAndroid 1.5+




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