5 smartest and latest gadgets you should definitely buy

Charby Pico

Phone charging slow our phone not taking charge properly has always been the common problem amongst smartphone users but don’t you worry as now you can solve your phone’s charging problem with Charby Pico. A powerful and unique charger for all of your devices you can charge three devices seamlessly with Charby Pico as it comes at 2 years with C ports and one USB type. A poor ensuring all of your devices stay charged up in the time of need both of its ears be type-c ports and 3.0 and one port can provide up to 65 watt of power delivery which allows you to charge your laptop. Bit while its other USB type-c and USB type a port has a 30 watt output to charge of devices efficiently. You can use a Charby Pico worry-free as it comes with multiple protections such as over current voltage temperature and many other protections to keep you and the device safe weighing at around 145 grams. The Charby Pico is not only contact but also folded that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go were free. It also comes with both US and UK versions so that even choose the right adapter for your use.

5 smartest and latest gadgets you should definitely buy

Feiyu-Tech G6 Max

Feiyu-Tech is a company that focuses on handheld video stabilization technology with versatile products that can be used in different scenarios. This time they are bringing their latest gimbal called the G6 max and upgrade to the latest vlog gimbal the G6 plus. The G6 max comes with a new strong magnetic and high torque brushless motor with a 50% increase in torque on the motor. This gimbal is compatible with mirrorless cameras smartphones action cameras and compact cameras with maximum payload up to 1.2 kilograms. This gimbal supports a various combination of camera and lenses which will ultimately provide you with more flexibility it also comes with the better and upgraded version of multifunction magic focus ring. This newer version supports better control of zoom focus three axis rotation and adjustment of parameters such as ISO WB and exposure value so that you can shoot better quality videos. The three axes are equipped with physical motor locks to prevent shaking it can be used to fix the three axis while balancing and packing so you can use Movie Hustle for streaming. The new upgrade of quick-release system can be assembled and disassembled in seconds without waiting for the shooting so that you can bring the best detailed experience. This gimbal can connect your camera by Wi-Fi and cable which makes it freer and easier to operate. Also its compact and ergonomic shape makes it easier for you to operate it with one hand and professional shooting can be much simpler with that. It’s equipped with a low-power OLED screen the screen area is larger than the Jesus Plus. This monitor is more intuitive and it displays parameters of both. The gimbal and the camera this monitor will also bring various settings options to bring a greater man machine interaction experience with nine different modes. You can meet the needs of professional shooting and daily recording so that every shooting is at the film level from the looks of it. The G6 Max is definitely an upgrade over the G6 plus and has launched recently.

ShiftCam Multi-Lens Case

iPhone cameras has got a major upgrade in this year now people can shoot great photos and videos on their iPhone and with Shiftcam multi lens case you can take your iPhone photography to the next level. Shiftcam comes with five different lens system for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max and the three-in-one lens system for iPhone 11 which allows you to unleash your creativity and take unique breathtaking shots from your iPhone. It’s circular polarizer lens filters specifically designed to decrease glare eliminate reflections and increase contrast for your ultra-wide shots on your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. Keeping your photos absolutely stunning and glare free with the 10 x + 20 x macro lenses. You can capture everything from the human eye to grains of sand and unlock a whole new perspective invisible to the naked eye with the 4 x telephoto lens for the – 11 pro and Promax. Doubles your 2 x telephoto lens to bring what’s far even nearer without sacrificing quality equipped with 180 degree field of view you’ll be able to capture everything from end to end and allowing it to have plant perspectives that completely transform your shots. With a sliding Pro Series lens adapter Shiftcam lets you take selfies with any of the pro line series lenses you can also switch lenses simply with each slide to shift mechanism don’t have an iPhone in love but don’t you worry as you can customize Shiftcam for all iPhone 7 and onward series iPhones. If you are an iPhone user and want to get creative with your iPhone photography in the Shiftcam multi lens case is the right choice for you.


You ever waste your phone nouns could do more alongside just holding your phone well wait no more as LUMI Mark II makes you rethink what a film mount can do. It comes it a step motor with face tracking that allows the LUMI to recognize your face and track your face with 360 degree range of motion equipped with object tracking. This mount allows you to set focus for any object with just a simple touch and it automatically starts following it leads to expand your cinematographic technique with flexible tilting and panning options that allow you to capture any scene at any angle. The LUMI Mark II is compatible with keen of a smartphone app that lets you connect up to five LUMI Mark II and shoot cinematic videos on your smart phone made from high-grade material. LUMI Mark II is highly durable and capable of handling up to four pounds of devices with ease. If you are looking for a unique phone mount to take your smartphone filmmaking to the next level than the LUMI Mark II is the right choice for you.


Dual screen phones are now a trend among smartphones but now you can transform her single screen phone into a dual screen phone. With CastAway inspired from LG g8x thank you this unique phone case led to transform your current phone into a dual screen phone. CastAway comes in three different versions 5.863 and 6.9 inches so that you can choose the right screen size according to your smartphone screen size. The CastAway case has a built in tablet that runs the latest version of Chrome OS combined with dual arm cortex a7 two quad cortex a53 configuration 1.5 gigahertz up to two gigahertz and lpddr3 four gigabytes of RAM. It can provide you the fastest processing power it features two megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera allowing you to take photos. Using the CastAway equipped with Mal ET 864 GPU it can provide your stunning viewing experience and comes with 32 gigabytes onboard storage where you can store all of your files. It has built-in dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for faster wireless connection. It also features C USB 3.1 type-c ports one audio combo jack and one micro SD card slot. CastAway comes with G sensor and gyro and is equipped with a 35 watt hour battery which allows you to use it for a long time. It has a 360 degree hinge which provides you a great opening experience and also has magnets to stay log and closed while fitting with your smart phone. It also plays a great role as a phone case. If you are looking for a unique phone case that makes you the way you think about phone cases then CastAway is the right choice for you.

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